DIN Socket

Lih Sheng Precision is a leading DIN socket manufacturer, offering a wide range of high-quality DIN and Mini DIN sockets to meet your various connectivity needs. Explore our DIN and Mini DIN socket series, designed to meet the needs of your specific applications, including DIN Jack and Mini DIN Jack models. Discover reliable connectivity solutions at Lih Sheng Precision.

A DIN socket is an electronic connector used to link various types of devices, such as audio equipment, MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) connections, power supplies, and more. They come in different sizes and pin configurations to meet various connection needs. These sockets typically have a reliable locking mechanism to ensure a secure connection, particularly useful in applications where stability is crucial. DIN sockets are widely utilized across industries for their convenient and dependable connectivity.

DIN Jack

Explore Lih Sheng Precision's range of high-quality DIN Jack connectors, including models LN-0505, LN-0505B, LN-0506, LN-0507, and LN-0507A. Our DIN Jacks are designed for reliable connectivity and are suitable for a...


Explore Lih Sheng Precision's range of high-quality MINI DIN Jack connectors, including models LNB0508BC and LNB0510. Our MINI DIN Jacks are designed to deliver reliable and versatile connectivity for various application...