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2.5mm audio jack LJE0257 Schematic Diagram 

2.5mm audio jack LJE0257 Product Description 

Lih Sheng Precision is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality audio jacks. Our LJE0257 2.5mm audio jack is a compact and versatile connector that delivers clear stereo sound and microphone input. It is the perfect choice for a variety of applications, including mobile phones, tablets, portable audio players, headphones, earbuds, small speakers, and communication devices.

Introducing the 2.5mm jack: a compact audio connector for seamless sound across devices. With its small 2.5mm size, it's perfect for tight spaces. Designed with the trusted TRS setup, it ensures clear stereo audio and even microphone input. Ideal for phones, audio players, and compact radios. While tech is shifting to smaller connectors, the 2.5mm jack remains vital for compact audio. Your link to great sound in a tiny package.


2.5mm audio jack LJE0257 Product Features 

1. Compact Design: Ideal for tight spaces, providing installation flexibility.
2. Stereo Audio: TRS connection for clear, immersive sound.
3. Microphone Input: Convenient voice recording and calls.
4. Wide Applicability: Perfect for phones, players, headphones, and speakers.
5. Technological Shift: Consider long-term compatibility.
6. Audio Quality: Small size, outstanding music experience.
7. Easy Connection: Effortless plug-and-play design.
8. Adapter Compatibility: Adapters for broader connector compatibility.


2.5mm audio jack LJE0257 Product Specifications 

Electrical Rating

 0.5A / 30V DC Max.


 5000 Mating Cycles


 0.3 ~ 3.0 Kgf

Withdrawal force

 0.3 ~ 3.0 Kgf

Operating remperature

 -20°C to 70°C

Soldering heat

 250±5°C / DIP time : 5±1 seconds


 UL 94V-0 Rated

Environmental friendly



 ISO 9001


2.5mm audio jack LJE0257 Product Packaging Specifications 

The smallest packaging is a PE bag.


2.5mm audio jack LJE0257 Product Applications 

1. Mobile Phones and Tablets : The 2.5mm jack is often used in smaller mobile phones and tablets where audio connectivity needs to be achieved within limited space.

2. Portable Audio Players : It's employed in some small portable audio players like MP3 players or portable radios, where audio playback is required in a compact form factor.

3. Headphones and Earbuds : Many headphones and earbuds utilize the 2.5mm jack, allowing users to connect them to devices that support this connector for music and audio enjoyment.

4. Small Speakers : The 2.5mm jack can also be found in some small speakers, which might be used for personal music listening or small-scale events.

5. Communication Devices : Certain communication devices, such as specific wireless walkie-talkies or their accessories, might use the 2.5mm jack for audio input and output.


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